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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Parent Hour Goals and Tally Sheet


Parent Hour Philosophy

Natomas Charter School was created as a means of providing parents and students with an expanded choice in the type of educational opportunities available. The school is founded on the belief that active parental involvement in the school's program is a key component to student success. Because the charter's mission is to provide unique learning opportunities to its students, the school needs committed parents who are willing to assist the staff and faculty in making this happen.

To this end, PACT has set a program wide goal of 1900 hours of parent participation per school year (an average participation of 10 hours per family).

Parents' active participation is one of the main ingredients that makes our academy successful. The parent commitment can be fulfilled in many fun and enjoyable ways. Hours can be completed one at a time or in larger increments for a single event or fundraiser. Please use this digital form to log your parent hours!

Yearly Parent Roles:

Box Tops Coordinator (10 hours)
Harvest Festival Coordinator (10 hours)
Silent Auction Donation Coordinator (10 hours)
Student Exhibition setup and cleanup or night staff (5 hours)
Harvest Festival set up and game organizer(s) (5 hours)
Coordinate a large school wide event (10 hours)
Help at a school wide event (hours worked)

In addition, workshop teachers often need parent to volunteer in class or take work home; please contact your student's instructors individually for more information.