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Our Program

K-8th grade PACT Academy provides families with the flexibility of homeschooling along with many of the opportunities found in traditional public schools.  Each family will meet with a credentialed teacher to support and guide each student's progress.  Many optional courses are also offered on site for students to participate in.  Educational field trips, a resource center and a computer lab are also some of the many benefits that are available to enhance each student's learning opportunity.

Parents are an integral part of school operation and governance.  We invite our families to share ideas, suggestions, knowledge, and talents with the staff, the student body, and with other parents.  As homeschoolers, you often feel you are alone in what you are doing.  Coming together as a team is a good way of reminding yourselves that you are pat of a special group.

Natomas Charter School's Pursuing Academic Choices Together PACT Academy provides Kindergarten through Eighth grade students and their Parent Teachers with expanded educational opportunities that are in direct support of the charter's philosophy.

In keeping with its philosophy of individualized learning plans for each student, Natomas Charter School will assist and support all families in their endeavor to create unique educational opportunities for their student(s) through home and community.

Upon acceptance into the PACT Academy, each Parent-Teacher and student enters into a contract with the Natomas Charter School.  The school will supervise the Parent-Teacher's record-keeping of student work and student progress.