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The PACT Academy is involved in several fundraising activities. Our profits from the fundraisers go to supporting our school including funds for end of year socials, middle school events and more. 

The following are the fundraisers we will promote this year:

Box Tops for Education (All Year)

Box Tops logo

Just by saving these box tops and labels, we can earn money for our school. Our student body earns several hundred dollars each year without much effort. Students may bring in their boxtops and put them in the jar at the front desk or they may choose to win prizes for every page filled up with boxtops. General Mills is shifting away from the collection of physical box tops and adopting an app-led fundraising model. You may download the app and set your school to Natomas Charter School PACT Academy to earn money for our program. 

Snack Machine (All Year)

PACT has a vending machine to enable us to have healthy snacks available for our students and families. It is located in the Family Lounge. The vending machine is filled by parent donations (see this list for items approved for our school vending machine) and thus 100% of the sales are profit. We use the funds to purchase workshop supplies and to support community-building endeavors.

PACT Student Exhibition & Silent Auction (May)

Held in May, this is the biggest fundraiser of the year for PACT and is a "fun-raiser"! It is a time we come together to showcase our students achievements throughout the year as we hold an auction with both adult and children items to bid on. Our silent auction and raffle earnings support classes, technology, and curriculum.