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Homeschool Requirements and LRF Forms

We ask that PACT families meet the following requirements and fill out Learning Record Forms tracking your student's lessons.

2019-2020 Semester 2 (spring) LRF Google Docs

2019-2020 Semester 2 (spring) LRF PDF

2019 FALL LRF in Google Docs

2019 FALL LRF in PDF 


The time requirements for a 5 day instructional week are:

    • Kindergarten = 16.5 hours
    • Grades 1-3 = 20 hours
    • Grades 4-8 = 25 hours
    • All students must receive at least 180 days of instruction per school year.
  1. It is recommended, not mandated, that students receive instruction in the following subject areas during the school year: Language Arts (reading, English, Grammar, Writing and Spelling), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies (Geography and History), Fine Arts (Art, Drama, Dance, and Music) and Physical Education.
  2. The bi-weekly contract (LRF) must be completed by the Parent-Teacher for each student and returned to the Educational Adviser with the required work samples.
  3. If you have registered for a certain class, you must attend. If you can not make it to the class for some reason, please let either the teacher of the class or the Educational Adviser know in advance if at all possible.
  4. Parents are responsible for all materials checked out from the Resource Center. We ask that you limit the checkout period of resource materials, library books, and equipment.
  5. Parents are to supply immunization and proof of birth upon request (for your student's cumulative file).
  6. Parents are required to attend scheduled appointments with an Educational Adviser every two school weeks. (Three weeks for returning families with adviser approval)
  7. The Parent-Teacher, Student, and Educational Adviser MUST sign a Master Agreement prior to the beginning of each semester.

The Natomas Charter School will terminate a student's enrollment if the parent/teacher or student is not fulfilling the requirements of the written agreement.

Natomas Charter School shall be non-sectarian in its programs, admissions policies, employment practices, and all other operations shall not charge tuition, and shall not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability.