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PACT Handbook

Please use the link below to read the Student and Parent Handbook before you sign the acknowledgement form with your adviser. A limited number of copies are available at the front desk if you are unable to read this file online. We also recommend saving a copy to your computer. 


PACT Handbook 17-18 



NCS Snack Policy

                                                                          NATOMAS CHARTER SCHOOL
                                                                      Safe and Healthy Treats/Snacks Policy
                                                                            Effective November 1, 2013

                                                       (birthday treats and snacks for classroom parties during the school day)

Natomas Charter School (NCS) is committed to providing school environments that promote 
and protect children's health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating 
and physical activity.
Given concerns about allergies and other restrictions on some children's diets, NCS strongly 
discourages students from sharing their foods or beverages with one another during meal or 
snack times.
Additionally, NCS requires that parents and students adhere to the following if bringing in 
birthday treats and/or classroom snacks:

● Foods brought into the school for special events must be purchased in stores and 
NOT be homemade products.
● All items brought must have a complete ingredients table.
● Students with food allergens should NOT eat any food that contains ingredients they 
are allergic to or if the food has been exposed to those allergens.
● Birthday or celebratory treats such as cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. are not allowed 
into the classroom or school for sharing until after the school’s scheduled lunchtime.
● A administrator must provide expressed permission for snacks and treats to be shared in 
classroom PRIOR to treats being brought to the school.

Note: Food brought in for cultural food events and other special events during the school 
day and events in the evening sponsored by NCS Academies are waived from the above 
requirements. However, NCS highly encourages students with food allergies to participate 
by bringing their own food and non-allergenic snacks so that they may attend and 
participate in the event.